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Hypnosis for foreigners

Welcome in Hypnosis for foreigners

If you live in Poland and don’t speak Polish very well, but still you want to take part in hypnosis sessions, this is place for you.

Perhaps for the very first time in Poland I offer you English sessions of hypnosis, NLP and self development in Wroclaw. During these meetings we can work individually on many points connected with your emotions management.

What does exactly mean Hypnosis for foreigners?

Using hypnosis, NLP and self development techniques, I can help you:

  • Get rid of fears and enxiaties
  • Improve public speaking
  • Cure phobias
  • Lose weight
  • Plan, create and achieve your personal goals
  • Enlarge self-confidence
  • Get rid of psychosomatic symptoms
  • Relax and find internal coherence
  • Get rid of bad habits
  • Manage your emotions and feelings more effectively
  • Host mental training
  • Decrease unhealthy emotions

Who is Artur Makieła

I am an advanced certified trainer, hypnoherapist, life-coach and NLP trainer. As well as I am a member in British Association of Hypnotherapy and founder of Polish Academy of Self Development. For several years I’ve been hosting individual sessions, courses, trainings, and public speeches. I am travelling through life paths believing that main purpose for dreams is to become truth and I’m spreading these ideas to my clients. Hypnosis and self-development are my passions and I feel very grateful working with people and seeing how their lifes are becoming full of fulfillness, power, energy, motivation,achieved goals and planned challenges.
As a coach, my main purpose is to give you tools which will help you to achieve whatever you want and teach you how to use them in your personal contexts..

How to make an appointment for sessions?

If you want to improve your life with my help, just write me an e-mail or call me. Contact details you can find at the bottom of the page.